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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Next Car Online

Buying a new or used car was once one of the most exciting purchases in a person’s life. Imagine a time where you cleared your schedule, dressed up in your very best suit and tie, and spent a delightful afternoon with a witty sales associate who helped you with your new vehicle transaction. As hard as this scene may be to imagine, the fact is that car buying was once approached with a level of class that is rarely seen at modern-day car dealerships. The tactful salesman of the past has all-too-often been replaced by a money-hungry, overly-persistent sales associate who preys on your perceived car buying inexperience. The celebrated achievement of buying a new car has been transformed into nothing more than a sloppy chess game played by amateurs. The unwilling consumer is the pawn, with every one of his moves decided for him by a salesman who is driven by a commission rate, rather than complete customer satisfaction. Even high-end dealerships like Performance Lexus are riddled with these types of people, who have turned their once celebrated business into nothing more than a circus.

If you are no longer interested in being the pawn in a predetermined game, or a tamed animal in the center ring, then perhaps it is time to find a better solution.


Why You Should Buy Your Next Car Online

The above statement likely had your head spinning with answers before you were even finished reading it all the way through. Car dealerships these days leave much to be desired. Consumers find themselves putting off their excursions to local dealerships because they dread the experience that lies ahead. If this describes you in any way, or to any extent, then you have come to the right place. A new way to find and purchase new cars has found its way to Cincinnati, and is available to buyers just like you. Whether you want to find a premium 2017 Lexus sedan, or a more conservatively priced Chevrolet Malibu, your answer is with Before we get down to why is the solution to your car buying woes, let’s explore why more and more shoppers are heading online, and buying cars over the world wide web.    


  • You Don’t Have Time: Whether you stay at home with your kids full time, commute to the office each day, or work from home remotely – chances are that spare time is not a luxury you have a whole lot of. Finding time to shower each day is enough of a challenge, and you can forget about finding hours to spend at a local car dealership. Even if you were able to carve out a large chunk of time to go buy a new car, the thought of cashing in your free time to sit in a stuffy showroom is enough to convince you that your current dilapidated car will suit you just fine for the next few years. Whatever your ultimate reasoning is regarding why you can’t find time to buy a new car at a dealership, no amount of convincing or empty promises will change your mind.
  • You Don’t Want to Play Games: As if that slicked back, over-greased hairstyle isn’t enough to turn you away from in-person dealerships, the salesman has to go and turn your new car transaction into a game. While used car lots are renowned for these types of antics, even premium brand dealerships can find themselves with a bad apple on staff. While you have saved up and made wise financial decisions over the past few years to buy your new car, your dealer salesman has taken it upon himself to negate all of your hard work and simplify it into a game of checkers. All of this is made worse by the fact that the guy isn’t even <em>good</em> at playing games, and you find yourself almost feeling sorry for his feeble attempts at negotiating. <em>Almost</em>. Games are for children and the casino, which is right where they should stay. Avoid the games that car dealers seem so persistent to play, and simplify the process by purchasing your next vehicle online.
  • You Don’t Want to Be Ripped Off: Just as notorious as car dealers are for playing games, they also can be known for scamming customers out of their hard earned money. Even if the dealership is an outstanding business with satisfied customers, dealer salesmen and representatives can swindle their way into your wallet, before you even realize what’s happening. From a padded final bill of sale featuring line items you have never heard of, to talking you into a car you don’t even <em>like</em> – salesmen are very good at getting you to agree to terms and conditions you don’t fully understand. Protect yourself by purchasing your next new car from a reputable web-based car buying service like
  • You Can’t Find the Car You Want: Dealerships can be great for buyers who know exactly what they want to buy, and can locate it within the inventory at a local dealer. If you are like most new car buyers, then you are having a hard time finding that perfect car at nearby dealerships. New car dealerships can only keep so many cars on hand, leaving car shoppers with a limited selection to choose from. Buying a car is a big deal, and is likely one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your lifetime. Rather than settle for a car that “will do,” open up endless possibilities by using an online car finding service like Even the most selective new and used car buyers find what they need online, and with a nationwide reach of more than 100,000 vehicles to choose from, it’s no wonder why more people are using over restrictive local dealerships.  


When you come to the realization that buying new cars at dealerships is a hassle you no longer wish to participate in, head online and check out The web-based car buying service has already helped hundreds of new and used car shoppers in the tri-state area locate and purchase their dream cars, without having to deal with the common in-person dealership problems.