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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

One of the classic Jeep SUVs, a white 2020 Jeep Wrangler Willys Edition, is parked in front of a lake and mountains.

The Coolest Limited Edition Jeep Models Right Now

If you’re into SUVs, it’s hard to top a Jeep. Well, actually it’s pretty easy to top a Jeep if we’re talking about Wranglers. Whether you prefer a hard top or a soft top, black, tan, or painted, there’s an option out there for you. Anyway, it’s probably better to say that you can’t beat a Jeep. Jeep SUVs are powerful, accessible, and visually attractive. Plus, if you go with a Wrangler, you can have off-roading adventures that you’ll never forget.

With options anywhere from the Wrangler to the Renegade, you’re bound to find the SUV for you. Jeeps are sturdily built, fashionable, and they are great options if you have to drive in rough winter weather or on rural backroads. There are also tons of available trim options and cool features in the Jeep world. Which leads us to the fact that there are some pretty awesome limited-edition models out there as well. These won’t be around forever, so it’s a good idea to hop on these while you still can. There are several different limited edition models available right now, but this article takes a look at some of the coolest limited-edition Jeep models in 2020, and exactly why they’re so darn cool. Most of this has to do with aesthetic appearance. If that sounds like a good time to you, let’s not waste any time and dive in to this top limited edition list.

The Wrangler Willys

The good ole’ Willys model is inspired by the original Willys Overland CJ-31 from 1948. This model is designed to be extra heavy-duty, while carrying a modernized design that pays tribute to the old 1948 original. Some special features include this Wrangler’s high-performance shock absorbers that help with rough terrain areas, and underbody armor to help protect you when tackling rocky trails and other off-road ventures. Oh, and speaking of removing tops, this model has an available power-top option for easier removal. If you don’t feel like lifting and storing, the electric top is pretty convenient. The Willys Wrangler is definitely one of the coolest limited-edition Jeeps on the market right now.

A closeup shows the grille of a gray 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude.

The Grand Cherokee High Altitude

While Jeep is known for its sporty Wranglers, don’t forget that it also has more luxurious options. The Grand Cherokee High Altitude is one of those fancier models. With its 20-inch low-gloss granite crystal aluminum wheels, paired alongside either a Slate Blue, Sangria, or Velvet Red exterior coat, this model screams darkness. It comes with a dark grille that matches its wheels, and black perforated leather interior. If you like to goth it up Jeep SUV style, the High Altitude Grand Cherokee is going to blow you away.

The Renegade High Altitude

If you’re into the boxy look, but the luxurious style of the Grand Cherokee, the Renegade is a nice option. The interior is gorgeous, with McKinley leather-trimmed seats, accented Tungsten stitching, and black headliner. It’s packed with standard technology, like Apple CarPlay and Navigation, creating a modernized ride for less than $30,000. Renegade High Altitude drivers never have to worry about nighttime visibility, with standard LED projector headlamps, taillamps, cornering fog lamps, and daytime running lamps. We think that the clear black coat looks best with this model, as basic as it sounds. The colors are nice, but the black exterior pairs best with this trim’s accents.

The North Addition Compass

The North Edition Jeep Compass is cool because it’s incredibly customizable. It comes with a Spitfire Orange exterior coat option that pops like a 1990’s Crash Bandicoot game cover, and it pairs great with the standard wheels. It comes with all kinds of safety and driver assistance features, such as tire pressure monitoring, hill start assist, and all-speed traction control. Like a few other previously mentioned models, it comes with all the blackout customizations, including a black grille, black badges, and black fog lamp bezels, just to name a few. This model also looks pretty cool in the Laser Blue exterior pearl coat option.

The Wrangler Rubicon Recon

A blue 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon is driving on a dirt trail.

Now let’s get back to the Wranglers. After all, Jeeps coolest models are definitely its off-roading boxy Wranglers. The Rubicon Recon is a great limited-edition option for those who love to rock a sporty Americana look. This trim comes with a 2.0-liter turbo engine with eTorque, which offers 270 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. Even better, its 33-inch tires and steel bumper make it unstoppable in rough weather and off-roading adventures.

Its interior is one of the sharpest Wrangler interiors. It has black leather with red trim, and it includes red seat belts. This, paired with its exterior details such as its hood decal, American Flag side details, and Recon decals, create a well-rounded aesthetic. The Rubicon Recon looks best in Firecracker Red, Ocean Blue, and Black exterior coats.

The Wrangler High Altitude

This is the fanciest Wrangler you can get. If you want to feel fancy, yet you love the off-roading strength, the High Altitude is worth your time. Part of what makes this model so aesthetically appealing is that everything is painted. From the roof, to the fenders, to the bumpers, you’ve got one solid-colored Jeep paired with black, 20-inch sporty rims. Even cooler, the interior leather comes in a steel gray option, which pairs nicely with the Silver Metallic and Granite Crystal exterior coat options. Oh, and even the steering wheel, the shift knob, and the paneling are leather covered. This trim is about as slick as it gets. If you own a High Altitude, you ought to be posting photos of it weekly, and keeping it shined up. It’s a total showstopper.

The Wrangler Freedom Edition

This model pays homage to soldiers, and calls attention to the Wrangler’s roots, like the Willys trim does. It’s got the military-inspired Oscar Mike logo on the front driver and passenger seats. Another cool touch includes the aluminum data plate located on the rear swing gate. This was inspired by information plates on old Jeeps from the military. It’s pretty vintage-looking for sure. Finally, the hood includes a 5-pointed star with a matching tailgate badge. Where the Willys model is more of a tribute to style, the Freedom Edition focuses on those who are serving or who have served. According to Jeep’s website, a donation is made to military charities each time a Freedom Edition Wrangler is built.

Jeepers, There Are So Many Options!

There are obviously many limited-edition Jeep models to get your hands on, especially where Wranglers are concerned. Since new limited editions won’t be around forever, now is the time to jump on whichever one appeals most to you. It’s pretty cool that Jeep is paying tribute to its roots, but in a modern way, with both the Willys and the Freedom Edition models. We believe that these two limited editions are the most important ones to consider adding to your vehicle family. However, the Rubicon Recon is definitely the coolest Wrangler to look at.

Additionally, let’s not forget about the Grand Cherokee High Altitude. This one has an aesthetic appeal that’s right up there with the Rubicon Recon. No matter which Jeep SUV catches your attention the most, you’re guaranteed to stay stylish and efficient in any Jeep model. These limited-edition models just make the ride even cooler.

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