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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A close up shows the grille on a black 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate.

Take It to the Limit in a 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate

The 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate takes the full-size SUV places it has never gone before. It features the latest technology as well as more luxury comfort features than any model ever built by GMC. This appears to be GMC’s bid to compete with the super luxury full-size SUV models that have become quite popular in recent years, and it looks like it will put the brand in a real competitive position.

GMC first introduced the Yukon in 1992 as its biggest SUV model. Since then, the Yukon has undergone a number of changes over the years, with the fifth generation being introduced in time for the 2021 model. In addition to the five different trim levels offered for the Yukon, GMC also offers a Yukon XL, which is a larger version of the model. The Denali Ultimate is the newest trim, introduced in time for the 2023 Yukon, and it pulls out all the stops on luxury and performance. This gives you great creature comfort in a full-size SUV that seats up to seven passengers.

The Ultimate in Full-Size Performance

The 2023 Yukon Denali Ultimate comes with standard Active Response four-wheel drive. This utilizes an Auto Track two-speed transfer case and an electronic limited slip differential. These will give the right amount of horsepower to each wheel while reducing slippage. As a result, you will get exceptional traction both on and off the road.

GMC offers two different powertrains on this trim. The standard engine is a 6.2-liter V8 gas engine. This is usually an optional engine on the lower trim levels of the Yukon. This engine has a single overhead camshaft, putting two valves for each cylinder. It utilizes dynamic fuel management and variable valve timing to improve fuel economy. As a result, when equipped with this engine, you can expect to get a combined gas mileage of 16 miles per gallon. This gas engine features direct high-pressure fuel injection, allowing it to produce up to 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque.

There is also an available 3.0-liter Duramax Turbo-Diesel I-6. This has dual-overhead camshafts, feeding each of its six cylinders with four valves. Like most diesel engines, it utilizes high-pressure, common-rail direct fuel injection to deliver 277 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. This engine helps improve the fuel economy of the 2023 Yukon Denali Ultimate. For example, you can get 23 miles per gallon combined on your vehicle if you choose the optional turbo-diesel engine.

Both of these engines use GMC’s Hydra-Matic 10L80 10-speed automatic transmission. The extra gear speeds help improve engine efficiency and responsiveness. The Denali Ultimate features standard Magnetic Ride Control and Air Ride Adaptive Suspension, giving your passengers the most comfortable ride they’ve ever experienced in a full-size SUV. The 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate can tow up to 8,200 pounds and carry up to 1,671 pounds of cargo. This is performance that other luxury full-size SUVs can only dream about.

The Ultimate in Exterior Styling

If you thought the Yukon Denali looked hot, then you are really in store for a treat with the 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate. GMC has kept the powerful and rugged looks of the Yukon but accented them to make them more prominent on this model. It starts with the darkened Galvano chrome appointments on the Yukon’s front fascia. These really bring out the front end of this model in a way that is unlike any other trim. GMC has also framed the windows and door panels with plenty of polished chrome. The brand refers to this as Vader Chrome, so I’m guessing the Force must be with the Denali Ultimate.

A set of 22-inch seven-spoke ultra-bright machined wheels complete the package. These are wrapped in P285 all-season tires. GMC has added bright chrome accents with dark paint to really make these wheels pop. This is one full-size SUV that will stand out in an increasingly crowded field.

The dash is shown in a 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate.

The Ultimate in Interior Luxury

GMC has truly pulled out all the stops when furnishing the interior of the 2023 Yukon Denali Ultimate. When you open the doors, you are sure to be wowed. This looks more like an ultramodern lounge than the inside of a motor vehicle. The interior has an Alpine Umber look that utilizes actual wood grain to offset the ebony color scheme. GMC uses actual open-pore Paldao wood to trim the Denali Ultimate. They have even gone to the extreme of laser etching a topographical map of the world-famous Mount Denali into the wood grain.

For those who don’t know, the Denali Mountain is the tallest peak in North America, and the Denali Ultimate is the ultimate in luxury. The seats have full-grain leather and are incredibly comfortable. There is plaited contrast stitching that really brings out the looks of these seats. GMC has also added aluminum accents throughout, showing that it uses only the finest materials. The front row features 16-way seats that include a massaging feature. These will be fun to use when you take your Yukon Denali Ultimate out on the ultimate road trip.

The Ultimate in Infotainment

The Yukon Denali Ultimate comes equipped with the GMC Premium Infotainment System on a 10.2-inch diagonal touchscreen. This is extremely easy to use, allowing you to connect your smartphone through wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can stream your favorite music and access all of the Apps you know and love safely and easily on this system. There is also Google built-in and available Amazon, so you can bring Alexa along for the ride!

If you were concerned about keeping your smartphones charged, you have nothing to worry about. There is a wireless phone charger built into the Yukon Denali Ultimate, so you can leave those annoying cables at home. GMC also lets you and your passengers stay connected wherever the Yukon Denali Ultimate takes you. There is an available Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can connect your devices to the Internet through your vehicle.

Speaking of ultimate, the 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate has the ultimate in automotive stereo systems included as a standard feature. The 18-speaker Bose Performance Series audio system will help turn your Yukon into a mobile concert hall. It features speakers housed in the etched stainless steel door and headrest grilles in keeping with the interior motif of the Yukon Denali Ultimate. The front headrest speakers are especially impressive, bringing the sound right to your ears! Bose is one of the leading brands in advanced stereo equipment, so you can expect high-quality sound.

Take a Super Cruise in a Yukon Denali Ultimate

One of the coolest features available on the 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate is the Super Cruise driver assistance technology. This is General Motors’ version of a hands-free driving system. When you drive your Yukon Denali Ultimate on compatible roads, you can engage the Super Cruise feature and allow it to change lanes and steer the vehicle. There are currently over 200,000 miles of roads in North America that have been mapped for the Super Cruise system. When engaged, the system will monitor the driver to ensure that the driver remains focused on the road. Super Cruise even works for trailering, able to take into account the size and length of whatever you may be towing behind your 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate.

A close up shows the wheel and badge on a black 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate.

Find the Ultimate in the 2023 GMC Yukon

GMC could have played it safe. It could have simply rolled out a 2023 Yukon that had the same features and trims as the last two years, riding on the success of the fifth-generation model introduced in 2021. Instead, GMC decided to take a big risk and create a trim that pushes the boundaries others thought had been established with the Yukon Denali. The Yukon Denali Ultimate has really pushed the envelope with its standard performance equipment, exterior detailing, exclusive interior styling, and superior infotainment system and Bose stereo. If you add the available Super Cruise, then you have truly created the ultimate 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate.

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