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The All-New 2016 Chevy Cruze: Who Says Affordable Cars Have to be Boring?

The all-new 2016 Chevy Cruze for sale is out to prove that affordable cars can be fun. While the first generation Cruze was able to do this as well, the second generation really takes it to the next level. It provides the driver with a more dynamic driving experience thanks to multiple design enhancements, and an all-new turbo engine that gives it a real kick. This new generation Cruze is so powerful and efficient, it’s able to blow the last generation out of the water. The enhanced aerodynamic design and reduction in weight no doubt play a big role, but the upgraded turbocharged engine is a major factor as well.

Upping the driving experience and giving it a new engine was Chevy’s way of making its latest compact sedan keep up with the competition. Not only was it successful in this endeavor, but it’s even more fun to drive as well.

A More Dynamic Driving Experience 

2016 Chevrolet Cruze hits the road in Nashville delivering an EPA-estimated 42 mpg on the highway and the most connectivity in its class.

This new dynamic driving experience starts with the turbo engine and leaner architecture, which contributes up to a 250-pound overall weight reduction. This slim-fast diet plays a huge role in the Cruze’s newfound agility and efficiency, and also lets you have a lot more fun behind the wheel when compared to the last generation. Now, it’s possible to zip around even faster than before — much faster.

But, we’ll get to that shortly. Right now, it’s important to note that apart from getting kick-ass new looks, the design is also wind tunnel-optimized. That means this expressive design is just as aerodynamic as it is slick-looking, successfully able to strike the perfect balance between head-turning good looks, and an efficiency-optimizing structure. The 0.28 drag coefficient is represented by the Cruze’s sleek and aggressive new style, and has been achieved through many hours of wind tunnel testing. It’s been redesigned from the front fascia to the rear-end, and the detailed and layered lines that run over the hood and sides contribute to a much more muscular design than before.

2016 Chevy Cruze Sporty

The athletic and sporty look? That’s because of the longer wheelbase, which is sitting at 106.3 inches. Now, this Cruze is able to go toe-to-toe with more race-inspired looking rivals, such as the Dodge Dart or Ford Fiesta, and actually hold it’s own. That longer wheel base also helps with inside the cabin as well, providing this Cruze with much more rear leg room than before. The previous rounded design that looked like a cream-puff cruising down the road is still available in the form of the Cruze Limited, if that’s what you prefer. But, you won’t gain the benefits of this new Cruze’s killer design.

The inspiration for the design began with elements from the well-loved 2014 Impala and the all-new Malibu. Chevy took the muscular and aggressive parts of these cars, and installed them on a fun-sized design, simultaneously making it both lighter and longer, with a more aerodynamic design than the two sedans it spawned from.

Thanks to the longer wheelbase and lighter architecture, when you put the pedal-to-the-metal with the new turbo engine under the hood, you’ll feel like you’re in Chevy’s version of a Mini-Cooper: zippy, fun, and spirited.

New Turbo Engine 

2016 Chevrolet Cruze hits the road in Nashville delivering an EPA-estimated 42 mpg on the highway and the most connectivity in its class.

Obviously, and to the glee of many consumers, Chevy thought the 1.8-liter engine was also a hunk of junk because it’s not available for the new model. They decided not to include it and instead built upon the success of the previous turbocharged 1.4-liter engine found on the first generation by upgrading it, giving the fresh redesign a fresh engine to match.

On the first generation, the unrefined 1.4-liter engine was only able to put out a mediocre 138 horsepower and 125 lb-ft of torque, while returning 26 mpg city and 38 mpg highway. To make things even worse, that engine was only available on either the LT, LTZ, and Eco trim levels, which means you had to dish out even more dough for the better fuel-efficiency and power. When compared to the current generation, that “extra” power was cancelled out thanks to that 250 pounds of weight found on the old architecture.

For the all-new Cruze, the upgraded 1.4-liter turbocharged engine is paired to a lighter and more aerodynamic design, puts out more horsepower and torque, and is able to achieve much better fuel economy. Thanks to the better aerodynamics and reduced weight, that extra 20 horsepower and 50 lb-ft of torque makes this Cruze fly compared to the first generation. The 152 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque send the Cruze down the road from 0-60 mph in 7.6 seconds, which is 1.3 seconds quicker than the first-gen 1.4 engine.

Along with better power, speed, and acceleration, the new engine also returns better fuel economy. Equipped with an automatic transmission, the Cruze is able to provide you with up to 30 mpg city and 42 mpg highway. On the previous generation, that type of fuel economy was only achieved by the Eco trim level. Even when the 1.4-liter was paired to the first gen LT or LTZ, it wasn’t reaching fuel economy like this. Instead, the second-generation boasts this stellar fuel economy standard.

Oh yeah, did I mention this is all standard? The improved power and efficiency doesn’t even cost an extra dime, because the 1.4-liter is the new Cruze’s only engine. This also ensures that the all-new Cruze is on par — and even beats — most of the competition in 2016 in terms of a solid power-to-fuel-efficiency ratio. The upgraded performance is just one of the many ways the all-new 2016 Chevy Cruze is out to prove that affordable cars can be fun.