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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A close up of the front of a blue 2023 Ford Edge ST is shown.

Move Over Subaru; Ford Has the Edge

Living in Colorado, I’ve seen my share of Subaru models on the road. With so many people interested in outdoor activities or needing a vehicle that can handle the weirdness that is Colorado weather, Subaru and similar SUV models make up a large population of Colorado traffic. Now that the Outback is looking a bit outdated, I wanted to find something in the same size that looked sleeker but still had the ability to drive over sand, dirt, and gravel. Enter the Ford Edge.

I’m not exaggerating when I say the Edge took my breath away. Not only is it a perfectly sized two-row SUV, but it’s also beautiful, spacious, and just edgy enough that I could drive it to a formal event one night and explore Helen Hunt Falls or Garden of the Gods the next day. No matter where I was, I’d feel stylish, comfortable, and modern. What are some of the elements that put it over the top as far as competition is concerned? Let me count the ways as I look for a local Ford Edge dealer.

A red 2023 Ford Edge is shown parked in a driveway.

Luxurious Beauty

Look, I know some people aren’t as into vehicles as I am, and that’s ok, but there’s a clear difference between a squat, low-to-the-ground Outback and the more chic, polished Ford Edge. From its sleek exterior curves to its modern grille and headlight design, this perfect package presents a head-turning exterior like a runway model at Fashion Week. There’s a range of deep, gorgeous colors to choose from for its outward appearance, including two new choices, Forged Green and Flight Blue. There are also classic choices, such as Agate Black, Iconic Silver, Atlas Blue, and Rapid Red, in case the new ones don’t quite fit your style. The Forged Green is a favorite, as it evokes the pine, spruce, and fir-scented forests frequently found here in Colorado. The darker color makes it stand out and does so in a refined way that is sure to grab the attention of passing vehicles.

Available for the first two trim levels, there’s also the option of the SE Black Appearance package, which not only highlights the vehicle in black accents but adds 19-inch high-gloss black-painted aluminum wheels and a black grille. If you go with the SEL trim level, you’ll also get faux leather ActiveX upholstery to boot, meaning your Edge will have a more edgy and sophisticated interior look.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the Edge, you might also want to look at what dealers have to offer in terms of accessories. For those who want added protection for their valuable belongings, Ford offers a center console safe that can safely lock up anything of value when you are away from your vehicle. It also comes with luxurious features like a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a six-speaker audio system, and LED fog lamps for those mornings and evenings when the weather is gloomy.

Ample Seating and Cargo Space

As a compact crossover SUV, the Edge is designed to seat five people while still providing plenty of space for all the hiking gear, skiing equipment, and fishing supplies you’ll need for those weekends you need to get away. Unlike some competitors, the Edge is incredibly roomy, even if you pile four adult passengers in and bring the dog along. If it’s just you and your camping buddy, simply fold down the second row, and you get even more space to pack all the gear or load up the baggage for a quick trip to Vale.

Driving around town, you may not need all that extra space, but there are plenty of storage compartments for all on board for all those little necessities that make the daily commute a little easier. All the cubbies and compartments are in easy-to-reach areas, so you won’t have to scramble to look for your phone or water bottle. I know what it’s like to be inconvenienced every time you seem to misplace an item, and this arrangement in the Edge promises to be a better, easier option for those who like to stash away necessities until they’re needed.

A woman is shown getting into the driver's seat of a 2023 Ford Edge Titanium after leaving a Ford Edge dealer.

High-End Tech Comes Standard

It can be incredibly irritating to find out that the vehicle you want doesn’t come with all the contemporary technology you’ve come to expect, such as a wireless phone connection or a touchscreen infotainment display. The Ford Edge delivers above and beyond by making these and other technology features standard across trim levels, keeping its drivers happy and elevating the model overall. No matter which trim level you choose to take home, they all come with a 12-inch touchscreen infotainment center and Ford’s new SYNC 4A software capable of seamless, wireless connection to your phone via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

If you decide to look at the options, spring for the wireless hotspot feature, which can boost your signal when it gets weak or keep it from fading in and out while you’re trying to look up directions to your next outdoor adventure. It can provide internet for up to ten devices, which means you can stream a variety of media, get directions, and sing along to your custom road trip playlist without having to wait your turn. Not only can you use the internet in the Edge, but you can also access it at your camping spot, as the wireless hotspot can provide a signal out to fifty feet away from the vehicle. You won’t have to worry about not being able to contact someone if something goes wrong or if you want to show off on Instagram just how beautiful that Colorado sunset can be.

The Edge of Everything

Coloradans know that finding a vehicle that looks good, performs well, and keeps everyone comfortable can be like finding a parking space in Denver. Fortunately, the Ford Edge has what it takes to be everyone’s new favorite compact crossover SUV. Not only is it refined and comfortable, but it’s also luxurious, and every trim level comes with prime features. It can trek through rough conditions, Denver airport traffic, and those winding back roads like Gold Camp or Old Stage without so much as a whimper. Ford has always excelled at providing drivers with rugged SUVs and trucks that can handle the challenges of living in an area with constantly changing weather conditions. Whether you’re exploring a trail on a warm spring day or traversing over an icy road in the dead of winter, the Ford Edge has you covered and will get you from point A to point B safe and comfortable.

Having a vehicle that can handle steep hills, unsteady ground, and slick pavement while still looking like a rockstar? Sign me up. I’m hoping to spot some in the wild, so to speak, next time I’m in town running errands, and I might be that weird person who asks a total stranger how much they love their Ford Edge. I can’t help it; it’s the perfect package wrapped up in a truly artistic design. I am mesmerized by how gorgeous and functional it is, and I hope you get the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Ford Edge for yourself.

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