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Looking for Used Cars That Keep 10-Plus Years? Here you Go

Looking for used cars that last for 10 or more years? Well, I have some information for you, based on a study that iSeeCars did. They ended up throwing together a list of vehicles that most often stay with one owner for a decade or longer. Not only does this mean they are good cars because of their reliability and durability, but it means you have a chance to pick up a one-owner used car, which is a goldmine. We’ll talk about how the durability of these cars is credited because of this study, discuss why they’re a goldmine to buy, and finally, go over the 10 models they listed in their study. That way, you can play the car lottery with these models, and luck out buying one at a used price that might have only had one owner.

Exciting stuff, right?

Establishes Durability of These Cars

Durability and reliability are both credited, thanks to this study. Why? Because, these models have been proven to often stay with one owner for 10 years. Meaning, these are the models that will most-likely end up lasting for more than 10 years.

Sure, other cars will last for 10+ years. But, in what condition? The fact is that the iSeeCars study shows these models as also being most-likely to have one owner for 10 years. Why is this important? Because, obviously the owners were satisfied with enough with these vehicles to keep them for 10 years. Meaning they don’t (and won’t, if you end up owning one) have as many issues as other, lesser-quality models would have, particularly those that have changed hands a few times.

One-Owner Cars are a Goldmine

If you read the above paragraph, then it make more sense why these models are most-likely to be owned by one owner for 10 years, and so are considered a goldmine purchase.

The satisfaction level is there, the reliability is there, and the durability is there. Why? Because, the quality is there. Owners who have these models are satisfied, which means you have a higher chance of being satisfied with your purchase as well. Now, I’m not saying it’s a guarantee you’ll find one of these in one-owner condition. The study did, after all, look at 2.5-million used car sales in 2016 that involved model years ranging from 1981 to 2006.

Theoretically, that means you could get a 2006 (or slightly older) model that’s been owned for 10 years (or more) by one person. Meaning if they cared for it well, then you know the car’s entire maintenance history, and that is worth more than the car itself. You know what issues, or lack of issues, the vehicle has because it hasn’t changed hands.

If anything, at least this study will show you what models to pay attention to that are from 2006 or older.

10 Models They Listed

These are the top ten models listed on iSeeCars and the percentages of the models sold in 2016 that had been maintained for 10 years or more by one owner.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid – 32.1 percent

Toyota Prius – 32 percent

Toyota Highlander – 29 percent

Toyota Sienna – 28.7 percent

Honda Pilot – 27.2 percent

Honda CR-V – 25.2 percent

Toyota Rav 4 – 24.9 percent

Subaru Forester – 24.2 percent

Lexus RX Hybrid – 24.1 percent

Honda Odyssey – 24 percent

Obviously, this an extremely interesting list to see. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate on the strange pattern of brand and car types found. The data speaks for itself.