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J.D. Power Rates Hyundai as Top in Technology

According to a new study by J.D. Power, the U.S. Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study, Hyundai is the segment leader for consumer satisfaction when it comes to the technology found in the mass-market category of vehicles. Honestly, it’s no surprise. With the way technology has always been such an integral part of Hyundai’s vehicle designs, it’s about time they got some recognition for it. They’ve always made sure to have top-notch tech and advanced safety features for the consumer. Thanks to this first-time study, the brand finally gets its time to shine when it comes to perhaps the strongest aspect of their vehicles. After all, the technology category is a lot more than just fiddling with a touch-screen — it goes much further than that, encompassing things like navigation, connectivity, and driving assistance (semi-autonomous tech).

Let’s take a closer look at the study done by J.D. Power, and then Hyundai’s latest and greatest Blue Link telematics system – one of the most popular systems around.

The Study

This is the first time research firm J.D. Power has ever done a study related specifically to a vehicle’s technology. While it’s a minor portion of the ever-popular Dependability Study, the technology aspect has never been zeroed in on like this before.

The study takes a look at numerous technological categories, such as: entertainment and telematics/connectivity, smartphone connectivity, driving assistance, comfort and convenience, collision avoidance, and navigation. Since one of the main sales factors in 2016 is how tech-centric a vehicle is — especially when it comes to safety and telematics/connectivity — it only makes sense this aspect directly relates to how much of a competitive edge one vehicle has over another.

How is the study completed? By measuring a survey related to the interaction a vehicle owner experiences with the car’s technology within the first 90 days of owning it. The categories mentioned above are what frame the survey questions.

The specific vehicles that rank highest for Hyundai when it comes to the survey are the Genesis (midsize premium car segment) and the Tucson (compact sport utility (CUV) segment).

Hyundai Blue Link — A Fan Favorite

Perhaps one of the most popular and recognizable technology features found on Hyundai vehicles is the Blue Link Telematics system, which allows car owners a plethora of ways to interact with their vehicles either audibly or via a smartphone app. For example, Connected Care is one of the ways the telematics system allows drivers to interact with their vehicles. Your vehicle will automatically call emergency services if a collision occurs, you can schedule a car care appointment with a preferred dealer, get a monthly vehicle health report delivered to your email or on the mobile app, and even push a button for 24/7, 365 days a year for emergency services. You can also do things like start your car remotely from an app, and even turn on the A/C or heat.

While there are so many technology features to look at, the Blue Link system is a “do everything and anything” type of feature. That is only one of five packages it offers, and is a fan favorite among consumer, as proven by J.D. Power’s new TXI Study. These vehicles can do so much more as far as safety and technology goes, and that Blue Link system is only a taste of the great tech that Hyundai has to offer.