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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A couple is sitting on their new dream car and holding the keys up.

How to Find Your Dream Car

The whole process of purchasing a vehicle can be overwhelming, but if you put in the right amount of effort it can seem like a breeze. There are many variables that go into play while trying to find your dream car, but in my experience, there are a few that stand out the most. Whether you buy used cars or new cars, there are tips and tricks to help you find your dream car.

Learn the Terminology

Going into the dealership just to have the dealer tell you what you want isn’t in your best interest, because they don’t really care if you find your dream car. Most of the mistakes that I have made buying used cars was due to the fact that I had no idea what the dealer was talking about. Anyone who has seen success in sales knows that there are ways to explain a subject in a way that seems appealing to the consumer that may be more harmful than good.

There are plenty of ways for a dealer to add to the total cost of the vehicle completely at their own discretion. Many times these additional fees look like conveyance fees, dealer handling fee, or dealer service fee. The dealers still need to make money and feed their families, but there is no need for these fees to stack up to hundreds of dollars.

It’s not just the paper, money, or laws that have specific terminology either. When a dealer is trying to make a piece of garbage seem amazing, they might try to explain outdated packages or features in a way that seems up to date. Getting to know the model, trim, and what comes standard is incredibly important when trying to buy your dream car. If you don’t want to put in that effort, then bring someone who does know along with you. It’s not all the time that a dealer will try to rip you off, but you need to know if the purchase is worth the money.

When you buy used cars, if you think you may have missed something that the dealer said, or feel that something is off, you can check your local Lemon Laws before jumping to any conclusions. They vary state to state, but the laws are put in place to avoid situations where a consumer doesn’t get what they thought they were getting. Typically the dealer will have to repair the vehicle at no cost, or completely replace the vehicle. If you don’t sign right away, you will have an opportunity to make sure that all of your loose ends are tied up, which leads me right into my next point.

Don’t be an Ace

An ace is referred to as a customer that will take the first offer and sign away. This is something that I’ve noticed a lot of people who buy used cars are in the habit of doing, but don’t jump on the first vehicle you find just because it may seem amazing. Nobody wants the fear of missing out by not jumping on an opportunity, but it’s a sure way to let the dealership know how easily persuaded you are.

It’s not just the first car you see in a specific dealership to hold off on; it’s the dealer as well. Look around in order to make sure that you’ve really found your dream car. Browse online forums, ratings, and reviews as well as prices and do the proper research. If buying a used car, you might be able to find the exact same model with better working features at a lower cost to you. You might even find that whatever model you’re looking into isn’t right for you, but it’s better to find out in the beginning than after you’ve signed the paperwork.

Two lines of cars are shown in a dealership where you can buy used cars.

Brand Loyalty isn’t Everything

If a manufacturer isn’t keeping up with its competitors, then it’s probably time to find something better. Finding a major established company that shares perception, learning, motivation, beliefs, and attitudes can feel validating when making a bond, even if it’s over a purchase, which is what a consumer benefits from the relationship. If the production of whatever it is falls flat, then that trust is broken, but some companies will try to use the psychological side of sales to draw you back in. Step aside for a second and ask yourself, “is there a better offer elsewhere?”

Successful automotive companies are successful for a few reasons, but those reasons vary from brand to brand. Part of finding your dream car is knowing what you’re looking for. Do you want something cheap and reliable, or do you want a project car? Maybe you’re even looking for a status symbol more than a vehicle that you can depend on. Whatever the reason may be, in order to find your current dream car, you need to find a brand that fits your current needs instead of a brand that your father was into.

Set Personal Goals

The chances are that your dream car is far too expensive for you to purchase now, and probably why you consider it a dream car. In order to legally afford it, you need to get into a career that has plenty of opportunities for advancement. Getting there might seem like leagues away, but if you set the goal and have achievable milestones, then it’s only a matter of time until it can be yours.

The things you want out of life can be yours, but setting out on the journey to get there is the first step. It may sound like a bunch of nonsense, especially if you weren’t handed the right set of cards to play in life. Small setbacks like that don’t mean you’re going to lose the game; you just need to know how to play it. It’s important to set goals in general, but sticking to them is the most difficult part. As humans, we crave instant gratification, but that may not be what happens here. If the goal seems too big, break it down into manageable steps, but start it. Make a plan and stick to it, and your dream car will be yours.

Once you Find Your Dream Car

You need to take care of it. There’s no point in finding the perfect car for you to run it to the ground by not maintaining it and expect the car to still run as expected. Even if you bought a used car, keeping up with it will keep it in good enough condition to either last as long as you need it to, or to re-sell it once you find your heart set on something else. You need to listen to your dream car the same way that you listen to everything else that you love in life. It may be asking you for specific needs that if aren’t being met, will diminish what it can do for you in return.

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