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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A white 2023 GMC Acadia AT4 is shown from the front on a rocky shore.

How the Acadia AT4 Keeps the Driver in Control

The 2023 GMC Acadia AT4 is a midsize SUV that’s built for adventure. And since it’s capable of going beyond the beaten path, it’s filled with features that are designed to keep the driver in control in any situation. There are plenty of things that can throw a wrench into your plans when you’re heading out into nature, from extreme weather to rough terrain to more mundane problems like getting distracted by loud noises or back pain. So let’s take a look at the range of features that the Acadia AT4 uses to make sure that drivers can feel confident and stay firmly in control, no matter what.

Traction Select

One tool that gives the driver some important choices is the Traction Selection System. The interface is pretty simple: just a knob that you can turn to switch between five different modes: FWD, AWD, Sport, Off-Road, and Tow. Since it’s easy to reach over and quickly switch between modes, drivers can respond to changing conditions in real-time. For instance, you might want to save fuel by using FWD on a flat, dry stretch of road, but if a downpour comes out of nowhere, you can quickly activate AWD to get extra traction and avoid hydroplaning. And for off-roading, you might end up using several modes in one day since you might be towing a trailer to your campsite, using the Acadia AT4’s off-road mode to tackle some tough trails, and even having some fun in sport mode if you find a wide open space where you can safely let loose.

Active Torque Control AWD

All-wheel drive is a must for off-road capable vehicles, but AWD alone isn’t always enough. On unpaved trails with uneven surfaces, there are times when just one or two wheels need some extra traction. That’s where the Active Torque Control system on the Acadia AT4 kicks in. It can send extra torque not only from the front axle to the rear axle but also from side to side between the rear tires, automatically giving you traction where you need it most so you can continue on your way.

A white 2023 GMC Acadia AT4 is shown from the front on a forest trail.


GMC’s electronic stability control system is a high-tech feature that comes in handy when the weather gets bad. Basically, it can detect when there’s a difference between the direction you’re trying to go and the direction the vehicle is actually going. When that happens, the system adjusts the brakes and torque to keep you on your intended path. It also includes traction control, which automatically adjusts the brake pressure and engine power when it detects wheel slippage, preventing the driver from losing control on wet or icy roads.

Conquering Hills Both Ways

Inclines can be tricky with a car the size of the Acadia. Inclement weather can make hills even more of an obstacle, especially on uneven ground. The Acadia AT4 comes standard with two features to help conquer hills: one for the way up and one for the way down. Hill Descent Control makes use of the antilock braking system, giving you a controlled descent even under tough conditions. Hill Start Assist can hold the brakes while you switch from the brake to the accelerator, so you won’t slide backward while facing an incline.

All-Terrain Tires

The Acadia AT4 comes standard with a set of all-terrain tires that aren’t available on any other Acadia trim level. On top of the AWD and torque control systems, these tires provide yet another layer of extra traction. They’re designed to grip everything from asphalt to rocky trails without slipping and to withstand rough conditions, even with heavy use.

Driver-Assistance Features

The Acadia AT4 comes with GMC Pro Safety Plus, which is full of features that give drivers extra information, automatic assistance, and a variety of warnings that can provide them with time to react to a problem before it’s too late. The following distance indicator lets you know how much distance there is between you and the car in front of you, so you can stay safe on the highway. Forward collision alert, lane change alert, side blind zone alert, and rear cross-traffic alert all give you a warning when danger is nearby so you can be aware of it and take action.

The Safety Alert Seat goes beyond simple beeps by using vibrations on the left, right, or both sides of the seat to let you quickly know the direction of a potential crash, so you can react appropriately right away. The HD rear vision camera gives you a clear picture of what’s behind you while you’re backing up, so you can make informed decisions while maneuvering.

Features like automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist, and automatic high beams may seem like they take control away from the driver since they perform functions and change settings on their own. However, all of them can be turned on or off depending on driver preference. Having them on can give drivers peace of mind and the freedom to focus more on other aspects of driving.

Higher Capacity Fuel Tank

While the front-wheel drive trims of the Acadia have fuel tanks with a 19.4-gallon capacity, the Acadia AT4 has a capacity of 21.7 gallons. That extra fuel allows drivers to go further between gas station stops. If you’re heading away from cities and highways and taking long trips in natural parks and on rural trails, this can really come in handy. With those extra two gallons, drivers can take control of their itinerary and explore places that are further off the beaten path without worrying about running out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

A white 2023 GMC Acadia AT4 is shown from the rear at an angle on a forest trail.

Active Noise Cancellation

Having physical control over the movement of the vehicle is absolutely the number one priority, but it isn’t the only factor to consider. Distractions can cause a driver to lose control by diverting their attention and causing them to make mistakes. Loud noises can definitely be distracting, so it’s a good thing that the Acadia AT4 comes standard with active noise cancellation. This system absorbs sound before it reaches the cabin and helps to reduce vibrations. It also uses in-cabin microphones to detect unwanted noise from the powertrain so it can cancel it out. The result is a nice, quiet cabin where the driver can easily focus on the task at hand.

Power Driver Seat With Lumbar Control

The 8-way power adjustable driver seat on the Acadia AT4 lets the driver have precise control over something very important: their comfort. If you’re going to be heading off on an epic adventure, the last thing you need is back pain slowing you down. But with this seat, you can tweak the settings in several directions so you can get it just right. Since it’s power-operated, it’s quick and easy to reposition on the fly, and the seat has adjustable lumbar support.

Available Head-Up Display

An available feature on the Acadia AT4, the Head-Up Display projects information right onto the lower windshield. This puts key stats right within the driver’s eye line, so they can get the info they need without taking their eyes off the road. On rough off-road drives, where even a few seconds of distraction can be catastrophic, this lets drivers stay aware of both their vehicle’s situation and the path ahead of them.

Built for Adventure

The Acadia AT4 is built for adventure, and when that’s your goal, you need to be prepared for anything. Weather, trail conditions, plans, and more can all change at a moment’s notice, so drivers are looking for a vehicle that has the tools they need to be ready to roll with the punches. That’s why GMC has loaded the Acadia AT4 with so many features that put drivers, both literally and figuratively, in the driver’s seat.

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