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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A red 2021 GMC 1500 AT4 is shown driving in the desert after leaving one of the local the GMC dealers.

GMC: Accessible Everywhere, for Everyone

GMC is known for many different things, but its specialty is building large trucks. Making larger vehicles draws a specific type of buyer into GMC dealers: those who want power and muscle in their trucks. Hauling, towing, and trailering capabilities are not uncommon features on any GMC-manufactured automobile. More accessibility features like GMC’s MultiPro tailgate make loading easier. When it comes to capability, GMC outshines the competition, especially with the release of the AT4 trim level for all GMC pickups.

This trim level is focused completely on bringing factory off-roading capability to every pickup in the GMC lineup. Now that the AT4 trim level has become an option, GMC has a feature that its competitors simply can’t hope to match in their own trucks. Between the trim level and features like the MultiPro power tailgate, GMC pickups are designed to be usable by anyone for anything. GMC is ready to help every driver have an easier time on or off the road, with plenty of cargo space and accessibility.

More Flexible Options

The GMC emblem of a red 2021 GMC Sierra AT4 is shown.

GMC dealers offer trucks with many different features that are designed to make them more accessible. A big one is the MultiPro power tailgate. This feature allows the tailgate on the back of a GMC truck to be dropped down, then a smaller gate within can fold down to provide a long step, capable of supporting up to 375 pounds. With the many ways the tailgate can fold and maneuver, drivers are provided with a step up, a flat work surface accessible from outside the truck, and a backstop to prevent cargo from rolling out when the liftgate is closed. There is also a collapsible handle inside the bed, meant to make it easier for people to climb in for loading. Fender steps are included as well for the side loading of cargo.

External cameras are an important feature of GMC vehicles, especially considering the many difficult areas people tend to navigate in their trucks. Many GMC pickups have multiple cameras camera views to allow for safer navigation. When paired with features like proximity alerts, these can help drivers navigate through tight spots or around hazards. The most popular locations for cameras are the front and rear, often mounted in the grille or bumper. There are also cameras that can give a bird’s eye view of a vehicle as well as the immediate surroundings.

GMC dealers also offer a variety of alternative bed options for their pickups, crafted with different materials to change the experience for the driver. One such option, the 2021 Sierra long bed, offers best-in-class cargo space with over eighty-nine cubic feet of room for anything you may want to carry. The roll-formed steel used to construct the bed has excellent durability, allowing it to stand up to tough loads and rough weather. A 120-volt electrical outlet is even included, and there is even more work flexibility when this huge bed is paired with the MultiPro power tailgate. Twelve cargo tie-downs are mounted within, the corners each rated to hold 500 pounds of weight with plenty of spots to tie down in between.

The second option, a unique carbon-fiber composite bed, offers a corrosion-resistant bed that will keep up its premium appearance. Carbon fiber is designed to be scratch-resistant and durable, usually resisting efforts to dent or otherwise damage it. The entire vehicle is made roughly 100 pounds lighter through the installation of a carbon-fiber composite truck bed. This helps to make the vehicle remarkably light, which can increase payload and towing ratings. The carbon-fiber bed also features molded sections set for wheels to fit in, as well as two additional tie-downs to ensure things like ATVs are loaded with maximum safety.

All Terrain Four-Wheel Drive


AT4 stands for all-terrain four-wheel drive, and the trim comes standard with a more powerful engine and the expected four-wheel drive. Because the trucks with these packages are meant to go off-road, they are filled with features designed to enhance their off-road capabilities. Larger wheels are a common addition, measuring up to twenty inches. These vehicles tend to have good ground clearance, with some including an extra two inches of ride height, so you don’t need to put an aftermarket lift kit on your new truck. Hill descent control is another useful feature; this can apply the brakes automatically to help maintain a safe speed while driving downhill.

The AT4 suspension is an area that has gained a lot of attention from drivers. The ride experience has been reported to be surprisingly smooth for an off-road-ready truck, making for a comfortable ride even when you are not tackling the nearest trail. A smooth ride and a serious lack of bouncing or jostling are even more valuable when off-roading, keeping you in control as you navigate treacherous terrain. Many AT4 trim trucks also have better quality interiors, which add to the comfort with features such as unique leather upholstery or heated and ventilated seats.

Some other off-road features added specifically for the AT4 include skid plates and high-capacity filters. These devices are placed to help AT4 trucks to be safer, with the skid plates helping to protect the undercarriage. The filters can help to exclude any debris that may get picked up by the vehicle, preventing that from getting into the engine and causing damage. Features like this are necessary, especially for off-roading vehicles that are exposed to so many extremes so much of the time. These trucks are tough and able to overcome so much but still need to be protected.

Knobbly all-terrain tires and better shocks round out the AT4 package with a 4×4 configuration designed to take these GMCs wherever they need to go. The shocks do their job well, adding to the previously mentioned smooth ride while off-roading. The four-wheel drive setup in AT4 models keeps all the energy moving through the tires at all times, letting any major obstacle fall before GMC’s drivetrain. High ground clearance only increases the number of obstacles that AT4 vehicles can overcome with ease. All of these features add up to form the perfect off-roading package straight from your local GMC dealers.

A 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 off-Road truck with heads-up display shows the steering wheel.

GMC Accessibility: Ready to Go, Off-Road or On

GMC trucks are made with flexibility and safety in mind for their owners. They are designed to haul and tow large loads and trailers with no difficulty, and they have the capacity and engine power to back up that design. The trucks can be easily loaded or unloaded with unique features intended to keep any cargo secure. Everything is designed to be accessible and comfortable for drivers, whether inside or out. GMC is working hard to keep their vehicles at the top of their respective classes.

The AT4 trim only adds to GMC’s many capabilities, as these vehicles are no longer constrained to stay on roads. Ground clearance is increased by the factory-added lift package, and skid plates armor the trucks against hazards. All-terrain tires allow the off-road capable vehicles to make it through any surface or terrain they might face, while the four-wheel drive makes the vehicles more powerful and capable of getting over anything. Whether off-roading or handling a daily commute in city traffic, GMC’s trucks are designed to offer the most comfortable and capable ride out there.

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