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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A black 2024 Ford Expedition is shown driving on a city street.

Get Excited About Driving Again With the 2024 Ford Expedition

As newly-licensed teens, many of us fawned over our first car and the freedom it represented. Now, we are adults and are able to make a decision about what cars best fit our driving needs. Today, I will introduce you to the next car you will fall head over heels for—the 2024 Ford Expedition. There is no better way to celebrate the making of such a fine vehicle than examining what Ford offers in this full-size SUV, and this new model gives drivers a cutting-edge experience. So, if you are looking for a new obsession, then I have got you covered. Let’s take a look under the hood and see what lies behind this dynamic model.

A Vast Array of Must-Have Features

Ford is boldly altering the definition of greatness. The 2024 Ford Expedition is prowling the streets and has already earned beautiful reviews, marking this three-row-seater SUV as comfy, spacious, and powerful. With a decent fuel economy, getting 17 MPG in the city and 23 MPG on the highway, this influential vehicle can carry up to eight passengers and tow up to a max of 9,300 lbs. It is an adventurous family vehicle with a cozy interior and two sizes to choose from: the Expedition and the Expedition Max. Of course, this is for the ultimate roomier SUV lover, giving the car about an extra foot in length.

One of the more crucial aspects of a car these days and what can make a car enthusiast is getting to know the technology that goes into the build. Technology provides convenience for drivers and can enact better protection that goes beyond a normal driver’s capabilities. In fact, the Expedition is providing a new kind of confidence with the Ford Co-Pilot 360, which uses safety features like Pre-Collision Assist, cross-traffic alert, and BLIS (Blind Spot Information System).

It even entertains with high-quality sound from the B&O Unleashed Sound System. Plus, this 12-inch touchscreen comes with SYNC 4 to keep drivers connected, especially when using the available WiFi hotspot connection. Even the back seat passengers can stay calm and quiet using the Dual-Headrest Entertainment System. Not to mention, there is an app to stay connected even when the driver is away from the vehicle. With all of that technology packed into one SUV, I’m honestly surprised people don’t start living in their cars.

Two Engine Options That Offer a Variety of Strength and Performance

This powerful SUV takes it to a whole new level with a 3.5L V6 engine that has a range of 380 to 400 hp. It is a high-performance engine and allows for respectable fuel efficiency. There is no shyness when it comes to kicking things off with great accelerating potential and smooth handling. For those needing more strength, they can opt for the high-output version of the 3.5L, offering an impressive 440 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque.

The black interior and dash of a 2024 Ford Expedition is shown.

Other Notable Features

Some of the interior features we have covered include the B&O Speaker Sound System with a subwoofer. However, one of the most incredible interior special features is the large portrait touchscreen that gives a futuristic feel to your cabin and offers the best connectivity while on the road. Plus, with spacious interiors, you will find a max (on the MAX) of 121.5 cu.ft. of cargo space. Not to mention the climate control available for each row to keep everyone comfortable during long or short commutes. With a variety of ambient lighting colors to choose from, you can even make your interior shine with uniqueness.

The exterior is, perhaps, where we can find the most notable features of this Expedition. In fact, there is a Stealth Performance Edition Package that is fitted with a sleek design—a gloss-black shell with red brake calipers and 22-inch matching black aluminum wheels. With so many options to customize the Expedition, you may never find one that is exactly alike. And 360-degree cameras that keep you alert and in the know, perfect for parking and backing up.

Trims for Every Type of Driver

There are a few different trims to choose from when discussing the Expedition, some of which include the MAX models. The base standard model, the XL STX, starts with an MSRP of $55,525 and seats up to five people. It includes all your standard safety features, a 12-inch touchscreen display, and LED front headlamps. However, there is more to consider when you are talking about all of the goods Expedition can give you. The trim models are as follows: XLT, XLT MAX, Limited, Limited MAX, Timberline, King Ranch, King Ranch MAX, Platinum, and Platinum MAX.

The XLT is the next in rotation as we move on from the base model. It offers seating for up to eight people and has convenient third-row USB charging ports. Plus, it features the Tri-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control for every row’s convenience. It also has the power of the PowerFold third-row seat for extra cargo hold space. And, of course, the MAX version gives the extra room for quality space convenience.

The Limited goes above and beyond, offering LED fog lamps, headlamps, and taillamps with signature lighting. It also includes the Panoramic Vista Roof and 20-inch Dark Gray wheels. With available Active Noise Control, this is perfectly paired with the 12-speaker sound system with a subwoofer. Plus, other interior enhancements include a leather-wrapped steering wheel, which is also available as a MAX option.

Now, remember, the Timberline does not have a MAX option. However, it does not need one with everything else it has in store. With an exceptional engine, the High-Output EcoBoost V6 adds a high 440 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. This luxury version also offers logos and stitching. Plus, 18-inch High Gloss Black wheels and 32-inch all-terrain tires. There is more to love with the Ford Trail Contro’s added traction and Zone Lighting, so you can control how much you want to see.

The King Ranch has been a favorite for a long time and now comes as a MAX option, too. With 22-inch wheels and some unique interior changes, we can expect a demand that outmatches the supply. This King Ranch offers a 15.5-inch display screen, larger than the previous models, and a 12.4-inch digital cluster. Not to mention the ultimate audio system with 22 speakers paired with a subwoofer, courtesy of Bang & Olufsen.

Finally, the Platinum gives its best with a center stack touchscreen to keep you connected and convenient Multicontour Front Seats with Active Motion Massage, not to mention a hands-free driving experience with Ford BlueCruise and extra interior/ exterior goodies. With the MAX, you can also have Active Park Assist 2.0 available to you.

A white 2024 Ford Expedition is shown driving on a bridge.

Check Out the 2024 Ford Expedition

If you’re looking for an SUV that offers a perfect balance of performance, space, and modern features, you owe it to yourself to check out the 2024 Ford Expedition. For over 25 years, this iconic full-size SUV has been dominating the market by providing everything a driver would want in a large SUV. This versatility is what makes the Expedition shine among its three-row contemporaries. Whether you’re a family on the go or looking for a spacious vehicle to stretch out in during that morning commute, you’ll find it in the 2024 Ford Expedition. It’s time to experience the excitement you had getting behind the wheel of your first car again, and you’ll find it inside this standout Ford SUV.

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