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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

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Essential Accessories for Your Used Car

Did you just complete your purchase of a used car?  Congratulations! While we’re sure you’re excited about hitting the road in your new ride, there are several accessories you should consider buying before you take any lengthy journey.

Below, we’ve explored some of the most worthwhile accessories that you can buy for your used car. These various amenities won’t only improve driver comfort; rather, they’ll be vital if you find yourself in any precarious situation. Take a look at our list below, and after you purchase a used car, think about adding one of these accessories to your “new” ride…

First Aid Kit

This is an accessory you should have in any vehicle, new or used. You can never be too prepared for the unexpected and having basic first-aid available in your vehicle is inexpensive insurance against the unexpected.  From minor car accidents to injuries or even allergic reactions that happens during your drive or near your destination, having first aid on hand in your vehicle just makes sense.

Furthermore, if you’re planning on off-roading, you never know when an accident could occur. While your car will surely see the brunt of any damage, you and your passengers could easily suffer injuries during these excursions. Ultimately, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, you can never anticipate when an injury will occur. Whether it’s a cut finger or something more serious, a first aid kit will allow you to handle the injury fast.

Jump Starter

If there’s one aspect of a vehicle that’s especially prone to failure, it’d have to be a battery. If you haven’t had the current battery replaced in your recently-purchased used ride, then a jump starter will be one of the most essential accessories you could buy.

Now, we’re not talking jumper cables. After all, this requires you to be near another vehicle, and you can never be certain when the battery is going to fail suddenly. If you’re stranded at night in the middle of nowhere, with just jumper cables you’d essentially be out of luck.

However, by opting for a jump starter, you can solve your issue immediately. Best of all, many of the jump starters that are available nowadays tend to be accompanied with a number of additional accessories included, from flashlights to air pumps, allowing you an additional level of utility and versatility.


Dashboard Camera

We’re sure you’ve heard the old adage: be aware of your surroundings when you’re traveling in a car. While you should be focused on your own handling of the ride, you should be equally conscious of your fellow drivers.

While we’re not trying to criticize every driver you’ll come across, there’s no denying that some despicable people are traveling on the road. If you end up in an accident, there’s no guarantee that the guilty party will stick around. There’s also no guarantee that they’ll be truthful when talking to the police or insurance companies, turning what should be a simple discussion into a “he-said, she-said” scenario. By having a dashboard camera, you’ll literally have footage that you can refer to.

Plus, you never know what you’ll come across during your journeys. While it shouldn’t necessarily be a priority, you should be able to garner a whole lot of fake internet points thanks to your videos.

Phone Charger

Nowadays, seemingly every vehicle comes equipped with USB ports. Some vehicles even include wireless charging docks, allowing you to juice your smartphone’s battery without having to deal with pesky wires.

However, it’s unlikely that your used vehicle will include these amenities. In this case, you may want to consider opting for a phone charger. Sure, you really shouldn’t be using your phone when you’re behind the wheel. However, phones are essential nowadays, and keeping your gadget charged should be on your list of priorities (especially if you’re taking a long road trip). Buying an inexpensive phone charger will assure that your smartphone is consistently juiced at all times.

Smartphone Holder

Many of the used cars you will find lack the smartphone integration, infotainment systems, and GPS navigation offered in new vehicles.  As such, having a device that will allow you to safely use your cell phone for the purposes of navigation and voice to text features will allow you modern convenience regardless of your vehicle.

Universal mounts for a smartphone are inexpensive, usually less than $30, and have a variety of mounting options to fit nearly any vehicle. With mounts that fit in cup holders, suction cup mounts that can attach to your windshield, or even mounts that clip to your vehicles air conditioning vents, there is an option to mount your phone in any vehicle.

Not only is the option of a cell phone holder a matter of practicality, it may also help prevent you from getting a ticket.  With more and more states passing “hands-free” laws to discourage and punish those who text and drive a smartphone mount may just save you some money.

Custom Floor Mats

New or used, protection of the interior of your vehicle will help retain value and comfort for years to come. You pay a lot to drive, and you take pride in your vehicle, so why not take care of the interior?

Offering protection from dirt, water, liquid spills, or anything else you might find destroying the carpet of your car, custom floor mats offer an easy solution. Designed to fit your specific vehicle, custom floor mats will be matched and sized to help ensure that anything that ends up in your car is easily removed and cleaned without staining your vehicle’s interior.

Priced anywhere between $100-$300 custom floor mats are an easy investment in protecting your car from damage. Easily cheaper than even one detailed cleaning, they should almost be considered essential.

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