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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A man is loading equipment into the side door of a gold 2021 Ford Transit Cargo.

Delivery Business and Travel Options Expanded with New Packages for 2021 Ford Transit

Ford recently announced a number of new options it will be offering for the 2021 Ford Transit Full Size Van, many of which are in response to an uptick in recent sales of vans for both delivery and recreation. Whether you own a delivery business or may be interested in purchasing a van to convert into an RV, Ford is planning to ensure it has 2021 commercial vehicles prepped for any buyer’s needs. The list of options is rather impressive. Ford clearly chose to work fast to make these prep packages ready for upcoming purchases in the early part of 2021.

Businesses specializing in delivery have skyrocketed due to increased popularity in online ordering, particularly when it comes to groceries or take-out delivered at home. Existing delivery businesses have had to adapt to that growing demand, which means increasing the number of vehicles for drivers. But, Ford isn’t only catering to businesses in 2021; they are also adding options for enhanced adventuring.

Upgrading the Transit for Travel

Ford’s van and commercial vehicle business is booming. Thus, we have 2021 upgrades to the Transit. The new prep packages come in several different choices, all in response to the 2020 surges in van use. Aside from the new packages, Ford still offers a dizzying array of configurations in size, height, windows, engines, and interior options, just to name a few. From a 15-passenger shuttle van to an Instagram style #vanlife RV, Ford has just about everything, even the kitchen sink.

Parcel Delivery Package

Ford decided to make Transit vans easier for delivery services by optimizing the interior for better use of space and to allow better access to the rear from the front. In previous years, the shelf over the front passenger and driver seats was built in, but now it will be optional to omit it in favor of more standing space to be able to more easily move from the front seat to the cargo area in the rear. In addition, Ford is removing the manual parking brake located next to the driver’s seat to install new electronic parking brakes, which will increase the space in the aisle between the front seats even more.

The center console is now optional and will have a right-side shifter to allow passing through to the back, plus it will add more than seven inches of legroom to the driver’s seat. Armrests are being removed from both front seats, ostensibly to improve interior movement, but this may not be a happy change for those having to drive for hours every day. Fatigue of not having a place to relax the weight of the arms may be an issue.

Other changes involve the rear doors, which will now be a 50/50 hinged access to the cargo area and will open more than 250 degrees. Lighting is also added to the rear compartment. If nothing else, drivers will be able to get to their packages all day long.

A man is opening the side door on a black 2021 Ford Transit Passenger van for a family in front of a glass building.

Livery Package

If you’re in the business of offering luxurious transport for larger groups, you can order a Transit van without having to go through the process of choosing all the detailed specs like the rest of the buyers. Instead, you get a ready-made XLT passenger van – the longest size – which is focused on a plush riding experience for the passengers. With this package, all the seats are upholstered with ebony leather, are powered with ten settings, and passengers can gain entry with the fully powered side door. Rear seats are shrouded with privacy glass, and the silver wheels will add a little bling.

RV Prep Packages

Here is where #vanlife becomes a reality, with new features to make living on the road easier. Living in a van usually means long hours of driving, often for days at a time. Ford is adding adaptive cruise control for those days behind the wheel, and in order to tow bikes or other recreational equipment, there will be new trailering options. Seating will be more functional with four-way swiveling on the front seats, and an eight-speaker audio system will help make the hours fly while you play your favorite tunes.

Adventure Prep Package

While the RV package will suit many who plan to live on the road, much of the community of folks who enjoy the freedom of van life are also adventurers who seek out recreation in the wilder spaces of the world. To accommodate travel on those back roads, all-wheel drive, a heavy-duty front axle, and a limited-slip differential on the rear axle will mean the Transit can go places where most cars dare not. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine has automatic start and stop tech to save on fuel, and it can tow anywhere between 3,300 to just below 7,000 pounds, depending on the van configuration.

This package includes the adaptive cruise control of the RV package, plus it adds reverse and side-sensing systems and the blind-spot system. Standard tech features like dual USB ports in front and an eight-inch infotainment screen loaded with the Sync 3 system will allow for the comfort of connectivity on the road. Rear privacy glass will make living on the road more sensible without having to forego the windows in your sleeping quarters.

A silver 2021 Ford Commercial Transit Van is driving past a metal scaffolding at dusk.

Upfitting and Options

If you plan to purchase a 2021 Transit, you have six van sizes to choose from: 150 XL, 150 XLT, 350 XL, 350 XLT, 350 HD XL, and 350 HD XLT. The 150 trim levels are the shortest in length, starting at 217 inches, and can seat anywhere from two to ten passengers. This trim level can be ordered with a low or medium roof height and comes in two lengths. In the case of the 350 trims, they can be a length of 235 inches to nearly 264 and can have low, medium, or high roofs. Seating in the 350 trims varies from two to 15 passengers.

Standard equipment includes conveniences like a 250-amp alternator, two 12-volt outlets for charging phones and two USB ports in each passenger row, a 3.5-liter V6 engine, FordPass Connect 2 capability with WiFi, remote keyless entry, and a post-crash alert system. Stability and traction control, advanced airbags, and rollover prevention are also standard. Additional options are numerous and are selectable according to the specific trims.

In the case of certain desired features that are not offered from the factory, Ford gives buyers the option of upfitting their Transits with more unique choices. This option must be conducted through Ford dealerships with commercial vehicle sales centers, and pricing varies according to the upfitting desired. However, these upfitting options can help you optimize the use of your van for your business.

The Transit Is the Right Van for You

Ford has already made the Transit a versatile van with countless ways to customize it for specific uses, but these packages may make work and play much more convenient when they come online in 2021. If you specialize in a service that requires delivery, or if you just want a taste of recreational adventure, there is a 2021 Ford Transit commercial vehicle option for you. We can’t wait to get started on building our 2021 Ford Transit, can you?

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