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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A red 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is driving on a bridge over a river in the woods.

Choosing Your Next Used Jeep

It’s no secret that the Jeep community has a strong and ardent following, and it’s for good reason! Even when looking at used Jeeps for sale, current and prospective Jeep owners can clearly see that these vehicles offer both fun and functionality without compromising the vehicle’s value. In fact, drivers who are considering buying a pre-owned vehicle and may be surprised by the sticker-price that’s on the windshield. However, the fact that even used Jeeps can still be found for prices that aren’t too far off from what their starting MSRP was when they were new on the lot is one of the many reasons why Jeep has and keeps so many fans. If you’re considering buying a pre-owned car and are starting to consider exploring used Jeeps in your area, then knowing what to look for and how to decide on the right model is important since these vehicles can offer some unique features and capabilities.

Types of Jeeps

Every make and model can offer something unique, and Jeeps are no exception to this. However, even though Jeeps are typically known for certain performance capabilities, Jeep has gone through many developments and changes over the years. This means drivers can expect to find Jeeps that can provide more than a memorable driving experience off the highway. There are many different used Jeeps that are available for you to consider. When shoppers are looking at the different options, it’s important to consider the overall features as well as performance capabilities that each pre-owned model is generally known for. Some used Jeeps you might find that are more popular include:

    • Jeep Cherokee: If a driver can find this model then they may be attracted to its off-road capabilities but also for how much it can tow. The 2019 model can currently tow up 4,500 lbs when properly equipped. This SUV also tends to have a pretty spacious interior, which means that passengers can be comfortable whether they’re on a highway or dirt road.
    • Jeep Liberty: This make is one of the more compact Jeeps but you won’t find any models made after 2012 as it was discontinued. This is a great compact Jeep and you can find it rather cheap with costs around $6,000 depending on its mileage and condition. Even though it seats less than the Jeep Cherokee, though, it can still hold its own when off-road and like its Jeep brethren, it is equipped to tow cargo.
    • Jeep Patriot: Of all the used Jeeps for sale, this particular model is known for usually having some of the strongest safety scores. Since its engine performance isn’t as strong as some of the other options that can be found in Jeep models it’s usually hailed as a more family-friendly vehicle but is also celebrated for being an all-weather option. You can find more recent models of this vehicle for around $12,000, that price is subject to the condition of the vehicle. This model has only recently been discontinued but you can get a really good deal on a vehicle that is only two or three model-years-old.
    • Jeep Wrangler: This is one of the most popular and well-known vehicles in the Jeep family, and for those interested in certain performance capabilities the history of this used vehicle speaks for itself. Unfortunately, while looking at used models you might be limited in your choices of soft or hard tops and even color but with a current starting MSRP of $27,945 in the current model year 2019, you might find the used option is more favorable. These models struggle to depreciate as they retain most of their value, so a used model can vary from tens of thousands to the mid to high twenty-thousands.
    • Jeep Compass: If drivers want to look at used Jeeps for budgetary reasons, a pre-owned Jeep Compass may be worth test-driving since it’s one of the more fuel-efficient Jeeps available. Since it’s also offered with different engines and drivetrains, shoppers can still obtain the performance they’re looking for, too.
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee: Rugged functionality and seamless style can collide in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Depending on the year and trim-level, this particular model of used Jeeps can provide some luxurious interior details while still easily handling roads that go off the beaten—and paved—path. You might find these models to be a little more affordable than the more popular Jeep Wrangler and it is a greater option for a family vehicle.

A dark colored 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, popular among used Jeeps for sale, is driving on a road through the woods.

Drivers clearly have many options to choose from when it comes to selecting a model that will work for them. With many different types of used Jeeps, and the ability to test-drive different trim-levels and production years, finding the right pre-owned option can be done.

Budget-Friendly Both Now and Later

It’s no secret that Jeeps tend to hold their value, and drivers who are looking at used Jeeps will experience this first-hand. However, even though the Jeep nameplate might be more expensive than other makes and models on the lot, their price-points are also a testament to the incredible value they offer. If a Jeep owner chooses to sell their vehicle later, the odds that they’ll receive a good offer on it are in their favor. Other makes and models on the market usually don’t deliver as high a resale value as easily.

Jeeps, in general, can get a bad reputation for not being the most budget-friendly at the gas station, but drivers can have the opportunity to customize not just the capabilities of Jeeps, but also its overall performance depending on where you purchase your model. This is another reason why this model continues to be one of the more popular SUV choices on the market, regardless of if it’s new or used. With multiple models and trim-levels available to choose from, and the opportunity to make specific modifications, used Jeeps don’t have to break the bank on the lot or at the pump.

Custom Driving Experiences

As already mentioned, used Jeeps can be customized beyond what the model and make deliver. In fact, the ability to customize these vehicles is sometimes part of the allure for drivers who are looking to get behind the wheel of one. Many used Jeeps will often come with customizations that have already been made. This can include any range of additions and modifications such as having bigger tires put on, getting a hard and/or soft top for the Jeep Wrangler models, altering the engine so that it delivers maximum performance and more. If a potential owner is interested in getting one of these SUVs but is interested in a more unique model, then he or she will probably have better luck locating some used Jeeps to purchase versus trying to custom-build the specific make and trim-level brand new.  After all, there are some Jeeps that—while still popular—aren’t being produced anymore.

At the same time, sometimes used Jeeps may have had modifications made that go beyond what the driver is looking for. As with any pre-owned vehicle purchase, getting a history on the used Jeep is important so that the new owner can know what changes were made and when.

If a driver is looking for a custom off-road driving experience and wants a vehicle that will maintain its resale value, many different Jeep models can meet these requirements. There are clearly many different models and trim-levels to consider and each offers certain benefits without compromising off-road abilities. Finding the Jeep that meets the driver’s transportation preferences doesn’t have to be an impossible task, mainly because these vehicles are often looked at as investment since their resale value usually remains higher than average.

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