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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A white 2021 Ford Expedition is driving on a dirt road.

Choosing Between an SUV or Minivan

If you haven’t shopped for a new vehicle in a long time, you need to know that things have changed; they have changed a lot over the years. You see, the automotive market has seen the rise in popularity of trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Also, the market for sedans and minivans has decreased dramatically. And we don’t mean sales have dropped a little over the years – sales for minivans especially have dropped off the charts. So what are people in the market for nowadays? Well, that depends on several factors, but many drivers are gravitating to the full-size SUV, like the 2021 Ford Expedition, for example. While there are several reasons why SUVs are a popular choice, there are just as many reasons why minivans have all but disappeared. So if you are in the dark when it comes to the type of vehicle you should consider, here are the reasons why SUVs are a good choice and why you should rethink buying a minivan.

Minivans Aren’t All That Green

In the last several years, SUVs have become increasingly more green by embracing eclectic engines, hybrid models, and other eco-friendly features. And while there are more eco-friendly minivans on the scene (the hybrid Chrysler Pacifica comes to mind), other manufacturers haven’t worked very hard on shrinking their carbon footprint. Minivans simply lack many of the eco-friendly features offered in other vehicles, and many of them are still not fuel-efficient. So if you want to be more earth-friendly, skip the minivan and opt for one of the many hybrid or electric SUV options – the new Ford Mustang Mach E is a particularly exciting choice.

A red 2021 Ford Expedition is parked at a campsite at night next to an Airstream camper.

Some People Prefer Performance

One of the biggest reasons to choose an SUV is performance. Now, you might make the argument that a minivan doesn’t need a powerful engine, and for many drivers, you might be correct. However, some people demand more – whether they need to pull a trailer, handle light off-roading, or simply have safe acceleration on the highway. And when you look at minivan and SUV performance, it is clear which one comes out on top.

For example, the Honda Odyssey offers a 3.5-liter V6 that offers up 280 horsepower. For comparison purposes, the 2021 Ford Expedition offers a 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 that produces 375 horsepower. Now that will get you where you need to go quickly and efficiently. Further, it allows the Expedition to haul up to 9,300 pounds, making the 3,500 pounds of the Odyssey look pitiful in comparison.

Poorly-Designed Interior Space

Sure, you can load up a bunch of kids in a minivan, but keeping track of them proves to be difficult because of the space between the driver’s seat and back passenger seats. Should a child have an issue, it is quite difficult to reach them from the front, even if you are pulled over and out of your seatbelt. SUVs are much better suited for dealing with the problems that arise when transporting youngsters. So this is an example of when close proximity to your kids is always a good thing.

Some might make the argument that minivans are a good choice because you can fit so many kids in them, so they are ideal for big families. While that is true, let’s not forget that there are several SUV models that offer that critical third row of seating. The Ford Expedition offers third-row seating and a cargo area to hold the stroller and other items you need when transporting kids.

Forget About Off-Road Adventures in a Minivan

While some newer minivans are beginning to offer all-wheel drive, their low ground clearance and small wheels mean that they will never offer the off-road performance of an SUV. And if you are searching for a used minivan, even the chances of finding one with all-wheel drive are very slim. On the other hand, you can get a 4×4 Expedition that will get you through just about any situation. Plus, with almost 10 inches of ground clearance and standard 32-inch wheels, the Expedition can handle back roads with ease to reach your favorite hiking trails and camping spots. Just be nice and help pull your neighbor’s minivan out of the ditch when it snows.

Lose the Image

Whether you like it or not, there is a stereotype and reputation that comes with owning a minivan. People tend to think of minivan owners in a joking manner, regardless of the type of person driving it. And no matter what manufacturers are doing to lose this image, it hasn’t worked very well. On the other hand, there are no similar stereotypes for those who drive an SUV, especially a full-size SUV like the Ford Expedition. In fact, SUV drivers are often seen in a positive light and have largely avoided becoming a vehicle cliche thanks to their wide appeal, incredible versatility, and good looks.

The brown leather seats are shown in a 2021 Ford Expedition King Ranch.

Do You Really Need One?

If you are a typical American family, you have one or two kids and maybe a pet or two you travel with. In that case, do you really want a vehicle that is optimized for transporting seven or eight passengers at the expense of other important features such as ride height, cargo space, off-road performance, and towing? This is especially true if you don’t travel a lot with your kids. A full-size SUV like the Ford Expedition will carry your whole family comfortably and still have those important third-row seats available when you need a bit more room for the occasional drive with friends or extended family.

If you do not have kids but still need plenty of passenger and cargo space, then the scales tip even further towards an SUV. For instance, if you carpool to and from work or otherwise transport several adults on a regular basis, you certainly want a full-size SUV – we don’t think you want to sign up to carpool at work if you own a minivan. On the other hand, a luxurious SUV like the Ford Expedition may have your coworkers arguing over who gets to ride with you.

You Drive a Minivan Everywhere

When you buy a minivan, you will drive your kids to school in it, drive the kids to soccer practice, and drive to the lumber store to get supplies to fix the broken boards on the deck. That is, you are stuck with that minivan, and it becomes your everyday ride. And this has nothing to do with stereotypes or other’s perspective; it is just a minivan serves a specific purpose and driving to Home Depot isn’t one of them.

There are some reasons to own a minivan, but they are pretty focused reasons. Even if a minivan is a good fit for you right now, can you say the same thing two or three years down the road? If you choose to buy the Ford Expedition, we are pretty sure you will still be quite happy with your purchase three, five, and even ten years down the road. This full-size SUV will meet all the needs that any minivan offers, plus a whole lot more, without the negative aspects. Minivans are going the way of the station wagon; if they cannot stay relevant, they will probably soon disappear. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, consider the benefits that a Ford Expedition, or any SUV for that matter, has to offer.

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