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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

2018 Chevy Camaro vs. 2018 Ford Mustang

Camaro vs Mustang: Classic Muscle Cars Battle for the Modern Market

If I had the room on this page, I would list all the famous action movies to feature either a Chevy Camaro or a Ford Mustang, but I don’t, so I won’t. These two cars have been classics for so long that they now have the star power to be not only driven in movies but characters in movies. While critically reviled, Michael Bay’s Transformers movies offer important representation for vehicle actors, and the now famous Camaro, Bumblebee, will soon be the star of his own feature film. While this is a huge step for muscle cars everywhere, one question still remains. 2018 Chevy Camaro vs. 2018 Ford Mustang: which one is a better actor?

In all seriousness, these two cars are neck and neck when it comes to popularity, and a fair comparison is always good for sport. So let’s take a look at these two action movie sports cars and see which one comes out on top.


2018 Chevy Camaro


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the Camaro has a wealth of performance options. With four available engines to choose from, whether you’re an undercover cop who races against outlaws and then becomes one himself due to thematic undertones about family, a mysterious badass in a vehicle-obsessed desert apocalypse, or an animated talking car with eyes where the windshield should be (instead of where the headlights are, which I maintain was a bizarre decision on the part of Pixar), there should be an option to suit your needs regardless. A 2.0L Turbo engine comes standard, with 275 horsepower, 295 lb.-ft if torque, and an estimated 31 MPG on highways, while the most powerful option available, a supercharged 6.2L LT4 V8, delivers a commendable 650 horsepower and the ability to accelerate from 0-60 in three and a half seconds.



With the 2018 Camaro’s interior features you’ll have access to the highest standard of entertainment technology available for vehicles today, which should be more than enough to keep you occupied during long drives. If you’ve got an Android or an iPhone you’ll have full hands-free and eyes-free access to voice calling, texting, and your entire audio library through the use of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. That way you can con your Wednesday book club into thinking you read Life of Pi when in actuality you’ll be spending the weekend cruising down the highway at top speed listening to a review of the movie version (because who wants to pay fifteen dollars just to listen to some dude whisper an entire book in your ears? That’s weird.)

Optional technologies include features built for convenience as well as amusement, and even though I’ve seen it with my own eyes I still refuse to believe that modern wireless charging technology isn’t witchcraft. You can add a heads-up display too, as well as a camera that functions as a performance recorder for anyone with the desire to analyze their driving technique. Also available are both a built-in wireless hotspot and Bose premium audio system, so if you’re ever stuck on the side of the road you’ll at least have your own personal Netflix theater to keep you sane for the next thousand years while you wait for roadside service. Despite wireless charging being a clear indicator of influences from otherworldly forces, Chevy has really outdone themselves this time around.


2018 Ford Mustang


The EcoBoost engine that comes standard with the 2018 Mustang delivers the same estimated fuel economy as the Camaro, but with only two possible engines to choose from, you may feel a bit more limited. The other engine option is a 5.0L V8 with 460 horsepower, which is respectable for sure, but unfortunately for the Mustang if your interests are in high performance then there are better bets available with the Camaro.



Right off the bat, I’ve got to give the Mustang props for using the SYNC infotainment system. I don’t like the base version of the SYNC system, and the second version isn’t much better, but the SYNC 3 system technology has made some impressive advancements since the SYNC 2. The SYNC 3 is one of the more popular infotainment systems, but since it doesn’t come standard like the system on the Camaro you’ll have to shell out a bit extra for the same functionality. I don’t think I have to admit that I’m a fan of the SYNC 3; its equipped with all the same capabilities as any other modern infotainment system except the responsiveness can be noticeably higher than other similar systems at times. Plenty of people don’t notice this kind of thing at all, and if they do it doesn’t bother them, but there are also a good deal of people (like me) who are into tech and would likely appreciate the difference.

I’m not on board with the recent Smart Home craze but even without owning one I can appreciate their convenience. Ford has recently taken a step to increase their usefulness, or at least the usefulness of Amazon brand Smart Homes, with the Ford+Alexa app. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t compatible with other brands of Smart Home like the Google Home, so if you don’t have an Alexa then you’re out of luck. For anyone with an Alexa, though, you’ll be able to access information like your shopping lists while on the go, as well as controlling any of your Alexa-compatible devices from the road. It remains to be seen if Ford+Alexa can be used to play the Alexa edition of Skyrim, which I swear to you is a real thing, but if it can then that would definitely be worth some extra points.


2018 Chevy Camaro vs 2018 Ford Mustang – The Results

It’s a really tough decision to make when it comes down to it, but if I had to give the Oscar to one of them I think it would have to be the Camaro. I don’t know if it’s the variety of engine options, the wireless hotspot, or his stunning performance as Brutus in the parking lot production of Julius Caesar, but the Camaro shines through as the victor of this battle. And really, when it comes down to it, that heads-up display is just too dang cool to pass up.

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