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2018 GMC Sierra 3500

When to Choose a 2018 GMC Sierra 3500

There are times where most vehicles simply fail to deliver the performance and power necessary to get the job done. For many people, their vehicle is the lifeblood of their job or daily commute. When a simple sedan or subcompact SUV lacks the capability to get the job done, a larger vehicle is required.

This is the time that most people turn to a large SUV or truck. When engine power and torque are most important or extra storage and cargo space are required, there is no substitute for a large vehicle. Even then, however, the size alone may not be enough. When you face a heavy load to haul, for example, the only real choice you have is a heavy-duty truck like the 2018 GMC Sierra HD 3500.

How do you know when a heavy-duty truck is right for you? More importantly, how do you know the Sierra HD is your best bet? If you find yourself in an automotive situation where your current vehicle isn’t giving you what you need, it’s time to start looking for something new. To know if this GMC all-star is the perfect choice for you and your needs, read on to see what the Sierra HD has to offer.


Greater Power And Torque

One of the most defining features of any heavy-duty truck is a higher level of performance, power, and torque under the hood. By making some sacrifices in the fuel efficiency department, manufacturers like GMC are able to deliver more horsepower and torque that translates into higher towing and hauling capacities. In other words, if you need to move something heavy, you need an engine to match.

In the case of the 2018 Sierra HD, the truck gives you several different engine options to have the perfect amount of horsepower and torque without going overboard if it’s not necessary. The top pick of the Sierra HD is the available Duramax diesel engine with Allison transmission. Cranking out 445 hp with an unheard of 910 pound-feet of torque, this engine is the king of the hill when it comes to ultimate towing and hauling capacity. In fact, with this engine option, you can expect to haul up to 23,300 pounds without much effort.

The great thing about the Sierra HD lineup is the number of options that it comes with. If you don’t need the maximum amount of horsepower and torque, an engine like the standard 360 hp 6.0l V-8 will give you 380 pound-feet of torque with its six-speed automatic transmission. This engine is more affordable for people looking for a heavy-duty truck on a budget. It is also more convenient since it takes standard gasoline instead of more expensive diesel fuel.

In the area of performance, choose the 2018 Sierra HD if your current ride simply lacks the engine power you need.


More Cargo Room

Given the hauling and towing capacity ratings alone, it should be clear that the 2018 Sierra HD is geared towards moving people and objects around more efficiently than other vehicles. If this isn’t clear enough, you need to start looking at the cargo space and storage options this heavy-duty truck provides.

Starting with the most obvious is the bed. All heavy-duty trucks use similar dimensions for the cargo box with several options to choose between short, medium, and long length beds. The Sierra HD offers a 6.6-foot bed or a longer eight footer with a regular five-person-capacity cabin.

The regular bed is perfect for carrying small equipment or an assortment of objects and materials at the same time. It is also the perfect length if you want a truck that is more maneuverable in challenging situations such as parking lots and downtown, urban environments.

For the most amount of cargo space, however, the eight-foot bed is the best choice. With the extra foot and a half of length comes more room for larger equipment or more supplies and materials in one setting. This can make hauling cargo within the truck itself more efficient, requiring less stops and gas each time.

Just like any other truck, the Sierra HD is a good choice if your current vehicle doesn’t have the room you need to carry extra cargo on its own. You should also choose a heavy-duty truck over a full-size SUV if you’re worried about scratching up the interior when transporting large objects via folding rear seats.


GMC Quality

The 2018 GMC Sierra HD 3500 heavy-duty truck is by no means the only option on the table if you want a vehicle with the most carrying and hauling capacity. It is, however, one of the best choices when you’re looking for a truck that has a higher level of reliability and build quality compared to the competition. Even compared to some of the Chevy trucks, the GMC Sierra HD stands out for longevity and performance capabilities that last for hundreds of thousands of miles.

The bottom line is simple: the Sierra HD is a truck meant to last a long time. This is the type of truck to buy if you want a vehicle to pass down as a family heirloom to the next generation. It performs well in a variety of commercial and personal driving conditions such as on farms, factories, oilfields, transportation jobs, and more.

If you find yourself wanting a vehicle that has more longevity than your current ride, it is hard to beat what the Sierra HD has to offer. In fact, purchasing this heavy-duty truck can be a sound investment since its value, as a large truck, lasts longer than other vehicles on the road barring any major accidents or complications.


Making A Final Choice

Ultimately, to know if the 2018 GMC Sierra HD 3500 is right for you requires a little bit of personal experience. In other words, the best way to know if this heavy-duty truck will give you everything you need is to take it for a test drive. Getting behind the wheel of the Sierra HD will give you all the information you need to know how the truck handles, what it is capable of, what the options are, and more.

Experience the capabilities of the Sierra HD 3500 today by visiting your local GMC dealership.

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