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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A grey 2023 Honda Passport TrailSport is shown kicking up dust.

The 2023 Honda Passport Puts Fun Into the Midsize Segment

Are you sick of SUVs that all feel the same? Are you looking for a vehicle that makes every drive an adventure while still being a practical buy? Look no further than the 2023 Honda Passport, an exciting and rugged SUV with outstanding off-road capabilities and stellar performance no matter where you drive. If you want an SUV that packs fun into every trip, the 2023 Honda Passport is the number one option for you.

Off-Road Capabilities

One of the most enjoyable aspects of an SUV like the 2023 Honda Passport is the ability to take it to the extreme in the most extreme conditions. A standard 3.5L V6 engine provides 280 hp, giving it the strength to overcome any kind of challenge and the durability to withstand the elements. The 2023 Passport has standard torque-vectoring i-VTM4 all-wheel drive for superior traction and optimal performance on dirt, slippery slopes, and any other kind of rough terrain. If you’re the kind of person that likes to hit the trails with your SUV, the Passport Trailsport is built for off-road adventures, feeling as smooth on the dirt tracks as it does on the highway.

The 2023 Passport is also remarkably adaptable, performing superbly on any kind of surface. With Intelligent Traction Management, the 2023 Passport has Snow, Mud, and Sand modes for excellent versatility across different types of terrain. No matter what’s underfoot, the Passport uses a sophisticated independent suspension system that rolls with the punches for lithe and agile movements across rocky terrain, ditches and bumps, and any kind of hillside. Rugged-style tires provide more than just a bold look; they are an essential part of the Passport Trailsport’s off-road domination.

Part of the fun of going off-road is the ability to bring anything you like along with you. Sometimes we want to head to the lake with a small boat or bring a full trailer on a cross-country trip. Either way, the 2023 Passport has you covered. With a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 lbs, we’re left wondering if there’s anything we have that we couldn’t bring with us off-road; such is the incredible strength of Honda’s Passport. It’s the perfect vehicle for light off-roading, but there’s even more fun to be had once you climb inside.

The black interior is shown in a 2023 Honda Passport TrailSport.

Interior Features and Options

Five passengers can sit comfortably inside the 2023 Honda Passport, and we mean comfortably. Both the front and rear seats have ample room for legs, heads, and any baggage you’d like to bring along. The seats are beautifully trimmed with leather, combining comfort and style, so everyone will enjoy the journey, no matter how long that may be.

Tri-zone climate control is an increasingly common feature in SUVs, especially Honda models, and we are happy to see it here in the 2023 Passport. It offers customizable temperature control for different passengers who like it in different ways. You might like to stay cool up front, but your backseat passengers may like it hotter. No one has to make compromises in the 2023 Passport, which allows for this kind of temperature difference between parts of the cabin. In addition, the front two seats offer heating and ventilation for extra comfort. You’ll feel quite luxurious as either driver or passenger in the 2023 Passport.

There’s tons of fun to be had in the driver’s seat of the 2023 Passport. Integrated Android Auto and Apple CarPlay simplify smartphone connectivity, so you can get your favorite tunes and helpful directions up easily from your phone to the touchscreen display. Just beneath the center display is an available wireless charging station, so you can enjoy your trip and fill your battery at the same time––no cable required! There are also 12-volt power outlets to charge all your favorite equipment and toys, so the fun won’t ever have to stop because of a dead battery.

There are loads of handy technology features that make your life as a driver easier inside the 2023 Passport. The driver seat has power adjustment for ideal positioning and memory settings that let different drivers save their seat position. If you share your SUV with a partner, you can each feel comfortable in the driver seat with the touch of a button. Behind you, a hands-free power liftgate makes opening the trunk easier than ever, even when you’ve got an armful of groceries or other cargo that you can’t put down. Simply wave a foot below the rear bumper, and the liftgate will open automatically. But the technology of the 2023 Honda Passport isn’t just convenient; it’s also essential to every journey you take when it comes to safety.

Safety Technologies

To keep the fun going as long as possible, the 2023 Honda Passport employs a plethora of safety measures designed to make sure you barely have to worry about anything once inside. A Blind Spot Information System with radar technology gives you unprecedented coverage of vehicles you’d otherwise have a hard time spotting. Cross Traffic Monitor uses the same sensors to alert you to unexpected vehicles crossing behind you while you’re backing up. To add to this awareness is a multi-angle rearview camera which, as the name suggests, gives you several different viewing options, so you can get the whole picture of what’s behind you before you make a move.

These driver-assist technologies are perfect for fitting into tight parking spots, maneuvering safely, or any kind of reversing situations that might otherwise cause discomfort. All of this gives you peace of mind without any additional effort on your part, a quality evident also in the 2023 Passport’s Walk Away Auto Lock feature. As long as you have your key fob, you can just walk away from your Passport, and it will lock itself automatically. Upon returning, just touch the front door handles, and Smart Entry will automatically unlock the doors for you. Short of having a futuristic fingerprint scanner on the door, it’s the most advanced way to keep your vehicle secure while you’re away and conveniently open up for you when you’re back.

The 2023 Honda Passport, like all Honda vehicles, comes with the acclaimed Honda Sensing suite of driver-assist features. While we won’t go over it in full detail––as you’re looking for an SUV for fun, not just for its reliability––rest assured that Honda Sensing has things under control. Whether you’re changing lanes on the highway or need to hit the brakes quickly in an emergency situation, Honda has included technologies to ensure you, your passengers, and others outside your vehicle are safe and sound.

Simulated sensor lines are shown coming from a 2023 Honda Passport Elite.

Get the Most Out of Every Trip

With an SUV like the 2023 Honda Passport, you will get the most out of every trip you take. If you’re an off-road enthusiast, it’s an excellent SUV for thrill-seeking adventurers and frequent family campers alike. Even if you prefer to keep to the streets, the Passport is filled with exciting and entertaining technology that will spice up even the most mundane drives. No matter how you choose to use it, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that the 2023 Passport is keeping you safe in any and all situations. For a driver seeking a fun, fresh SUV, there’s nothing quite like the 2023 Honda Passport.

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