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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A black 2024 Chevy Malibu Midnight Edition is shown parked near a building.

How the Chevy Malibu Appeals to Drivers With an Eye for Style

There are all kinds of advantages to keep in mind when looking at vehicles. Performance is obviously an important factor—especially to enthusiasts—and everyday drivers are rightfully concerned about safety and tempted by comfort and convenience features. But a car is much more than just a utilitarian transportation method; you spend a lot of time in your car, and any time you drive somewhere to meet up with friends, family, or coworkers, you make an entrance with your vehicle. It’s only fair to want a car that matches your personal sense of style.

The 2024 Chevy Malibu is a midsize sedan with plenty of features that make it appealing as a commuter vehicle or family car. But it’s not named after a chic beach city known for its proximity to Hollywood for nothing; Chevy has put in a lot of effort to make the Malibu easy on the eyes—and it shows.

While there’s not a bad-looking option in the Malibu trim lineup, some trims and special editions are more eye-catching than others. And, of course, some things are simply a matter of personal taste. But what exactly does the Malibu have to offer in terms of aesthetic options? Let’s dive in and find out what different looks this stylish sedan has to offer…

Standard Aesthetics on the LS

The Malibu LS is the most basic trim in the lineup, as well as the most affordable. This makes it the perfect way to get a baseline for the Malibu’s style before moving on to fancier options.

One of the simplest things that the Malibu has going for it is that it’s a sedan, which is becoming rarer and rarer in the American auto market. The “U” in SUV stands for “utility,” and you can see that reflected in the boxy shape that many SUVs need in order to provide the benefits they tout, like a cavernous interior with an open cargo area. Sedans, by their very nature, are more sleek than SUVs, and the Malibu has a striking silhouette that’s both aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing.

Beyond its basic shape, the Malibu also has sharp lines that make for a well-sculpted exterior. Up front, the car’s grille is both functional and fashionable, with a simple geometric pattern, shiny chrome accents, and the iconic Chevy bowtie in the middle. The LS also features body-colored side-view mirrors, giving it a cohesive look. The standard aluminum wheels are sixteen inches and feature a simple five-spoke design.

A blue 2024 Chevy Malibu is shown parked on a street.


Extra Touches on the RS

Up one level from the LS, the Malibu RS adds several styling touches, which give the car a sportier look overall. Instead of the standard metallic color, the Chevy bowtie emblems are blacked out in the front and back, nicely complimenting any paint color you choose. The Malibu badges are red, as well, while the RS badging is a bold red that stands out and draws attention to itself. The wheels are eighteen inches long and feature a more intricate design than the ones that come standard on the LS.

Up front, the grille is framed by a stylish chrome surround and features black inserts, giving its face a distinct personality. Go around to the back and you’ll find dual exhaust outlets, which improve performance and signal to those in the know that your car is ready for action. The cherry on top is a rear spoiler, which always helps a car look a little more eager to hit the track. Of course, it also improves aerodynamics for better performance.

The Top-Tier 1LT and 2LT

The final two trims in the Malibu’s lineup are the 1LT and 2LT. These top-tier trims add plenty of extra features, including heated seats and side mirrors, LED headlamps, and a built-in navigation system. But when it comes to style, there aren’t a whole lot of standard upgrades. The Malibu 1LT’s seventeen-inch wheels are smaller than those on the RS, but they’re still a significant upgrade from the LS, while the 2LT has a set of nineteen-inch wheels that are not only bigger but also have a unique design with a shiny finish that catches the eye.

While these trims may not add a whole lot of style on their own, they are the gateway to three unique styling options. These special editions of the Malibu are only available on the 1LT and 2LT and can help drivers make the exterior their own. While they have several features in common, these editions definitively stand out from the look of the regular Malibu LT and let drivers get the exact right look for their tastes.

Midnight Edition

As the name implies, the Malibu Midnight Edition is all about dark colors. In fact, you can only get this edition with the Mosaic Black Metallic exterior color. While black accents pop in contrast to a color like red or silver, they create a sense of depth when set against an already dark exterior paint color; this gives the Malibu an even more sculpted look and almost beckons you closer since you have to lean in if you want to make out all of the details of its design.

A set of nineteen-inch black-painted aluminum wheels match both the body paint and blackwall tires. Up front, a blacked-out grille matches the aesthetic and blends in nicely with the face of the car. This dark look is wrapped up with two black bowtie emblems and a black nameplate badge.

A close-up of a red 2024 Chevy Malibu badge is shown.

Sport Edition

If you like the black accents on the Midnight Edition but want to let them pop against a color other than Mosaic Black Metallic, you can opt for the Sport Edition. This version of the Malibu features the same wheels, emblems, and blacked-out grille as the Midnight Edition but isn’t limited to a single paint color. So you can go with a black and white look, get a sporty red car with sleek black accents, or even mix it up with a less common color like the new-for-2024 Lakeshore Blue Metallic.

Redline Edition

The Redline Edition takes the theme of black accents but adds some extra flair with pops of bold red. The wheels are still nineteen inches and mostly black-painted aluminum, but they have red hash marks that create a blur of bright color when the car is in motion. The grille and bowtie emblems are the same as they are on the Midnight Edition and Sport Edition, but the nameplate badge is black with a red outline, letting it stand out against any paint color. While the other two editions feature body-color mirrors, the Redline Edition has black side-view mirrors that feature exclusive Redline decals.

Final Thoughts on the 2024 Chevy Malibu

Whether you’re looking at a basic LS or a top-tier 2LT Redline Edition, you can appreciate the sense of style that the Malibu brings to the table. It gives drivers plenty of exterior paint colors to choose from, and the sleek body looks good in any of them. Beyond that, the variations among the different trims and available special editions provide an extra layer of available customization, letting drivers get a Malibu that fits their sense of style, whether they’re going for sporty, refined, or flashy.

Overall, the Malibu is a good-looking car that’s sure to catch the eyes of onlookers everywhere, from the beaches of LA County to the streets of NYC.

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