Range Rover

Land Rover velar interior with beige leather

Is Land Rover Staying Ahead of the Curve, or Falling Behind It?

As of 2018, it was estimated that over 95% of Americans own a cellphone, with around 77% being smartphones. One might argue that this prevalence introduces some concern over smartphone dependency, but most of us are too busy enjoying the fact that our smartphones sync with almost everything we do, to complain. And most automakers [...]

Land Rover

(Am I Weird For Having No Interest In the) 2018 Range Rover?

I get it…it’s a Range Rover. Woo Hoo. Now that we’ve addressed Land Rover’s built-in sense of entitlement in terms of the praise it expects for serving up another refresh on the Range Rover, can we just say it? The Range Rover is…kind of ugly. Is it capable? With engine options including a supercharged V6 [...]